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“At first I was very hesitant about the change, but it has been great. When documents are missing they can be scanned and uploaded for completion instead of title work being kicked back and having to wait for it and then resubmitting.”
-Georgina Fontes
Title Department
Earnhardt Group

“I have been a title clerk for a little over 16yrs now and this by far the easiest process. I was shown how to upload all our customer information directly to the e-Title system from our DMS system so no need to manually put in anything. Once you’re in e-Title it easy to understand & process whatever you need done for your customer or to process your Title-Onlys. I am a definitely a person when starting a new program needs a step by step on how to do things and AADA, was awesome & Patient. I could call them with any question and they took the time to explain everything.”
-Susan VanCamp
Title Clerk
Findlay Motor Company

“This year we began utilizing the document upload feature which has been a great advantage and quicker process for the high volume of work we do. Being able to scan and upload all of our title and registration documents has allowed us to submit work in a timelier manner and avoid waiting for a runner to pick up and deliver our work, especially those pieces that need immediate attention. Our title clerks also save the time and hassle of having to stand and wait to make copies at a heavily used company copier. Along with the time this process saves, the digital time and date stamp on each uploaded document gives us the assurance that our dealers are protected from the Arizona bankruptcy law.”
-Melissa Howard
Title Supervisor
Penske Automotive Group

Electronic Title & Registration Services

AADA offers an exclusive certified title and registration program dedicated solely to supporting association members and their title and registration work.

In 2000, the association introduced a web based title and registration application, eTitle, allowing dealers to track and account for all transactions electronically. Over the years AADA continues to enhance this system and are proud to be the first certified third party provider in the state of Arizona to offer a completely electronic title and registration process including the digital submission of documents.

Title and Registration
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eTitle & Digital Submission
of Documents

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